Profile of Association

Persatuan Perguruan Budi Suci Sejati (PPBSS) is a registered organization under Section 7 of the Association Act 1996. PPBSS was registered on 3rd October 1984 with the registration number 3613/84.

The Vision of the organization is To share this form of self defense throughout the world so mankind can benefit from the potentials of Budi Suci Sejati.

It’s Mission is To travel and extent goodwill locally and abroad for the sake of humanity.

The organization brings forth a group of experienced healers trained under the noble Tuan Pendita Haji Masdon bin Haji Hashim. These healers have solved many mystical problems around the world.

Perguruan Budi Suci Sejati is an organization which provides healing services, counselings and advices, and spiritual method of self-defense training. We are specialized in solving difficult mystical cases and evil possessions.



Founder and Mahaguru of PBSS

Perguruan Budi Suci Sejati (PBSS) was founded by the late Bapak Haji Hashim bin Haji Mohd Shariff (Founder and Mahaguru of PBSS). His search for the knowledge of secrets and truth has led him to travel throughout all over then Malaya. His travels to Indonesia brought him to Acheh which was the Islamic center in the Nusantara at the time. It was in Acheh he found what he had been seeking, as aspired by his father. Being the only student from Malaya, he was also appointed as a guru and has taught many in Medan. In 1958, he came back to Malaya with his wife and 5 children; Masri, Masni, Masron, Masdon and Masran. Together they spread Budi Suci Sejati (BSS) throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Mahaguru successor of PBSS

After his demise, his struggles did not ended together with him. It was continued by his widow, the late Ibu Hajjah Siti Rawiyah binti Haji Samen (Mahaguru successor of PBSS) together with their sons until BSS has started to be known and established in South Africa.

After her passing, PBSS is carried on by her 3 sons; Masri, Masdon and Masron. Todate, these are the only 3 gurus bestowed by the late Bapak Haji Hashim to teach BSS. Each has their own class of students centered in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, respectively.

Tuan Pendita of PBSS

PBSS in Kuala Lumpur is led by Tuan Pendita Haji Masdon bin Haji Hashim (Tuan Pendita of PBSS) who was conferred as a guru by his late father at the age of 21. Tuan Pendita, a visionary,  has travelled across Malaysia opening-up more classes and also healing clinics. He has also brought many healing delegations to South Africa and India. Under his very notable charismatic nature, many men and women, young and old has been his student.

Puan Guru of PBSS

Together with his wife Puan Guru Hajjah Masnah binti Haji Salleh (Puan Guru of PBSS) and their 6 children, they have continued the noble cause founded by his late father. PBSS is now not only known in Malaysia and Singapore, but also in South Africa and India. Together they have taken PBSS to greater heights, making it more solid and dignified locally and also internationally.

Picture of Allahyarham Bapak Haji Hashim bin Haji Mohd Shariff (Founder and Mahaguru of PBSS)
with his students in 1962. He is seated 5th from the left, flanked by Allahyarham Tan Sri P. Ramlee on his left.

What is Budi Suci Sejati?

Budi Suci Sejati is a form of self defense which is based on an ancient Mystical Science that applies Nafas (Breath) and Makrifat (Divine Wisdom) techniques. With BSS, it generates the potential power within a person, which then can be used to neutralize an enemy without physical contact. This power is an energy force which is already in existence from birth that needs to be activated and trained. That once mastered is able to unleash this inherent mystical power and use it to protect oneself from all forms of evil, be it physical or spiritual.

In the Malay language, BUDI means Doing Good Deeds, SUCI means Pure or Free from Blemish and SEJATI means Eternal.

Budi Suci Sejati is of a 'Secrets' and 'Truth' tradition (Amalan Rahsia dan Hak), which begins with the profession of one God and followed by Jurusan (a series of distinct movements) and together with Nafas and Makrifat, in full and total comprehension and appreciation.

The practices that one learns in Budi Suci Sejati lay the foundation towards acquiring the skills for mystical self defense, which can be used as a powerful weapon in combats.

Budi Suci Sejati uses the science of God to heal. Its practice develops our physical and spiritual being, in turns preparing us to fight and forfend from all kinds of evildoing. It purifies the heart to attain peace and calmness, and ultimately seeks blessings from God Almighty.

A pure heart can learn to be kind to all mankind and all God's creatures, love oneself and devout to God Almighty.

God's blessing is the truth and meaning of learning Budi Suci Sejati.

The essence of Budi Suci Sejati:

Budi is the enlightenment of the body and soul
Suci is the strength that is to achieve sincerity
Sejati is the Absolute God

"To Do Good, Purely Or Sincerely
For God Almighty Which Is Absolute And Eternal"


He [the accursed Devil] said: Then by Thy Might! I will surely lead them astray, except Thy servants from among them who are sincere and pure. (Sura Sad, 82-43)


Our Delegation

The first Perguruan Budi Suci Sejati Spiritual Healing delegation arrived in South Africa in 1993. After four successful healing trips, many could attest to the effectiveness of Budi Suci Sejati method of spiritual healing. Till today, PBSS is still sending delegations headed by the noble Tuan Haji Masdon to South Africa at the request of many who seek the help to rid a variety of "sickness" that modern medicine could not cure such as evil spirit and demonic possession, etc.

Our delegates on a healing mission for the late Sheikh Ahmad Deedat in South Africa, in 2004.