Spiritual Self Defense

Spiritual Self Defense

Our classes are open to all men and women, young or old, fit or unfit. Here we teach non-combatant self defense method. Students will be going through series of trainings on Nafas (breath), Jurusan (distinct movements) and Makrifat (divine wisdom).

Jurusan are specific body movements and steps. They are the basic training in BSS, which is essential for BSS method of self defense against all forms of harm. When practicing the Jurusan is proficient, a mystical effect is being honed. When harm is intended towards a BSS practicer, there will be some kind of reaction against these negative forces. The effect is such that, when a hand put up or a foot put down by the BSS practicer, the negative forces will be ‘forced’ away. There is no body contact involved.

Breath is the most important element to all living things. It is what that makes you alive. It is what that connects a body and its soul.

And in BSS, breath is one of the main elements. Students are taught, through breathing exercises, the different methods of breathing.

Breathing is our greatest treasure. It holds secrets for all things. For any action that a person does, together with the right method of breathing, can lead to desireful results.